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Technology Issues/Updates: 9-15-20-MiFi's Devises Not Working!

We want everyone to be aware of technology issues as the District become aware of them so we have started this "blog"
FYI--All Mifi devises were reported to be offline at 10:00 a.m.
Mr. Allen Report they were working again at 11:15a.m
FYI--It has been reported that the Taft area is out of power!  The companyies indicated that power could be out until after 3:30 pm., Many our our students that live in the area will not be able to attend classes via computers.
8-24-2020--ZOOM ISSUES:
This morning beginning around 5:50am, the Zoom Company announced that it is experiencing widespread system outages.  This is affecting our ability to begin new Zoom meetings or login to Zoom accounts.  This issue is intermittent and MAY affect you and your students' ability to join your class meetings directly through Zoom.  This outage is impacting all customers, not just MUSD accounts.

As of 6:50am, Zoom had identified the issue and began working on a resolution and they have begun restoring service for some users beginning around 8am.  Zoom is continuing to roll out this update to all users.  For the most up-to-date info, please visit the Zoom Status page:
As of 9:15 a.m. Most Zoom for MUSD seem to be back online!!
8-18-2020: We're noticing this week, the Kajeets "mifi" devices are slow in the mornings and seem to ramp up speed by 10a.m.
We have no concret explanation why this is happening. Our hunch... Considering the Kajeets use cellular for service, the cell towers are either throttling the data or just plain overloaded in the mornings.