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Parent/Student Instructional Resources/Link (Will Continue to be Update)

MUSD wants to provide as many different resources and links to support our parents and students in the educational format change from school to home. 


Over the next week teachers and staff will be adding resource by grade level:

Parent/Teen Support Links

Virutal Counseling with our School Counselor Nikki Appointment Request

College Community Services (Local Mental Health)-24 hour Hotline Also Available


Elementary School List of Online Resources:




1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

  • This site allows the user to choose a grade level. It provides games that support common core standards in many subject areas.
  • Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
  • This site is handy to check a book’s reading level. Favorite authors and book series’ are also easy to find on this site.
  • FunBrain
  • This site has Reading, Learning Games,Videos, a Math Zone, and more.
  • Khan Academy
  • Once on the website, you may search anything related to Mathematics. The video instruction is clear and concise. You do not have to sign in to use the website.
  • Magic Tree House Kids
  • This website has games that relate to the Magic Tree House book series.  Sign in is not necessary to play games; however, there is a Kid’s Adventure Club feature that allows students to earn rewards. Sign in is necessary for these features.
  • MetKids
  • Take a look inside the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, New York. This site features a map of the Met, a cool Time Machine, and Videos that include some art and craft activities.
  • National Geographic KIDS
  • This website has beautiful visuals of nature and countries. It features videos, games, and an explore section.
  • NeoK12
  • This is an amazing site, because it has videos for Math, Science, English, History, and much more.  There are even videos for learning to play an instrument.
  • Science with Me!
  • This is a cute site with animated videos that explain key Science concepts.
  • TypingClub
  • Nice videos and typing instruction. Sign in is necessary to save progress.

5th Grade

  1. Visit 2. Click Log In (at the top of the page) 3. Enter username and password (check student school email)  4. Click the Log In button 


Middle School List of Online Resources (Download List)

6th Grade


7th Grade

8th Grade


High School List of Online Resources:


  • Audible: select stories are available for free here. Ages range from "Little Listeners" to "Teens" and also has some literary classics to hit a wide variety of ages!

    IXL: students can continue to log into their IXL accounts and work on content there!

    Rosetta Stone: free for students for the next 3 months, includes a wide variety of languages. 

    Kern County Library: anyone can access these resources with a county library card, and I believe they have relaxed this to the point where you only need to put in a phone number (for the Overdrive app at the very least). This is for ebooks, audiobooks, some comic books, etc. I know they can be accessed if you've got a library card, unsure if all of them have relaxed their requirements, will continue to test. At the very least, Overdrive just let me put in a cell phone number.  


Social Science:






Physical Education

Also: Make sure students have the chance to go outside and burn off some energy. ie, walking, running, playing catch, shooting hoops, etc.

Students can also youtube just dance to any song they like and can mimic the dance moves if they aren’t able to go outside.


Special Education:

  1. Virtual Field Trips (k-12):