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Fog Delay Parent Letter

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To: All Parents and Guardians
From: Scott Meier, Ed.D., Superintendent
Date: November 26, 2018
Re: Fog Bus Delay Procedures

Due to the recent fog in the area, I wanted to review our Fog Bus Delay procedures:
1. As you may know, our school district doesn't call "School Fog Closures" where the school is
closed for a set amount of time. Instead, we call a "Fog Bus Delay" for those students riding
our buses to school when the driving conditions are too severe to safely drive students to school
at the regular time. The difference in the two types of delays of school delay or bus delay, are that a
Bus Delay allows our students who walk to school, or are transported by parents to arrive to school
at the regular time. It also means that the Fog Bus Delay time will not count against our instructional
minutes and we will not have to make up the time to meet our state requirement of instructional
2. In the case of a MUSD Fog Bus Delay: We will implement our Parent Phone Calling System to
inform you that we have called a Fog Bus Delay. Buses will run two hours later per the regular
schedule. All students may still arrive to campus on time, if they walk or if a parent drives to
campus. However, no attendance tardies will be noted until the end of the delay. Please make sure
you take the time needed to drive slowly or have your children walk carefully using the new crosswalk
light system on the corner of Stanislaus and Hwy. 166 to ensure everyone’s safety on the way to
3. The Transportation Department will also call all parents/families of bus riders to inform them of
the delayed pick-up time.
If you have questions, please call our school offices at 769-8231 (ex. 205/210).
Thank you!