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    The District Board of Education and Superintendent, Mr. Coleman, wants to be proactive in solving issues at the school site level first whenever possible. So please contact the teacher or school office with any concerns.

    However, when additional support is needed to resolve an issue, there are three ways to file a Complaint:

    1. Call or Email: Michael Coleman, Superintendent @ 661-769-8231 ext. 202 / mcoleman@musd.email
    2. Attend Board Meeting/Speak during Public Comments: Meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday @ 6:00 p.m. in Library
    3. File Written Complaint Form (see information below)

    Notice to Parents, Guardians, Pupils, and Teachers Complaint Rights

    Parents, Guardians, Pupils, and Teachers:

    Pursuant to California Education Code Section 35186, you are hereby notified that:

    1.      There should be sufficient textbooks and instructional materials. That means each pupil, including English learners, must have a textbook or instructional materials, or both, to use in class and to take home.

    2.      School facilities must be clean, safe, and maintained in good repair.

    3.      There should be no teacher vacancies or misassignments. There should be a teacher assigned to each class and not a series of substitutes or other temporary teachers. The teacher should have the proper credential to teach the class, including the certification required to teach English learners if present.

    Teacher vacancy means a position to which a single designated certificated employee has not been assigned at the beginning of the year for an entire year or, if the position is for a one-semester course, a position to which a single designated certificated employee has not been assigned at the beginning of a semester for an entire semester.

    Misassignment means the placement of a certificated employee in a teaching or services position for which the employee does not hold a legally recognized certificate or credential or the placement of a certificated employee in a teaching or services position that the employee is not otherwise authorized by statute to hold.

    4.       Pupils including English Learners, who have not passed one or both parts of the high school exit examination by the end of grade 12 are to be provided the opportunity to receive intensive instruction and services for up to two consecutive academic years after the completion of grade 12.

    5.       A complaint form may be obtained at the school office, district office, or downloaded  from the school’s Web site at www.maricopaschools.org. You may also download a copy of the California Department of Education complaint form from the following Web site: http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/cp/uc.    


    Complaint Forms:

    1. Click here for Textbooks/Instructional Materials, Teacher vacancy or misassignment and/or Facility conditions2.
    2. Click here for Discrimination, harrassment or bullying
    3. Click here for staff, parent, student or other individual

    Complaints may be filed anonymously.  If the complainant has indicated on the complaint form that he/she would like a response to his/her complaint, the principal or designee shall report the resolution of the complaint to him/her within 45 working days of the initial filing of the complaint. At the same time, the principal or designee shall report the same information to the Superintendent or designee.  (Education Code 35186)


    If a complainant is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint, he/she may describe the complaint to the Governing Board at a regularly scheduled hearing.  (Education Code 36186) 


    For complaints concerning a facility condition that poses an emergency or urgent threat to the health or safety of students or staff as described in item #3 above, a complainant who is not satisfied with the resolution proffered by the principal or Superintendent or designee may file an appeal to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  (Education Code 35186)

     Complaints and written responses shall be public records. (Education Code 35186)

     (cf. 1340 - Access to District Records)


    Notificación para padres de familia, tutores legales y maestros

    Derecho de presentar quejas

    Formulario muestra de quejas uniformes


    Padres de familia, tutores legales, alumnos y maestros:

    Según el Código de Educación de California Artículo 35186, se le notifica que:

    1. Debe haber suficientes libros y materiales de instrucción. Eso significa que cada alumno, incluyendo a los alumnos que aprenden inglés, debe tener un libro o materiales de instrucción, o ambos, para usar en clase y llevar a casa.


    1. Los predios escolares deben estar limpios, seguros, y deben mantenerse en buen estado.


    1. No debe haber falta de maestros ni asignaciones incorrectas de maestros. Debe haber un maestro asignado a cada clase y no una serie de suplentes u otros maestros temporales. El maestro debe tener la certificación apropiada para enseńar la clase, incluyendo la certificación requerida para enseńar a alumnos que aprenden inglés, si es que están presentes en la clase.


          Falta de maestros significa que existe un puesto al cual no se ha asignado un empleado con certificación al principio del ańo escolar y por todo un ańo, o si el puesto es para un curso de un semestre, un puesto al cual no se ha asignado un empleado con certificación al principio de un semestre y por un semestre completo.


          Una asignación incorrecta significa que un empleado con certificación es colocado en un puesto de maestro o proveedor de servicios sin tener una certificación o credencial legalmente reconocida, o colocado en un puesto de maestro o proveedor de servicios que el empleado no está legalmente autorizado a ocupar.


    4.   Estudiantes, incluyendo a alumnos que estan aprendiendo Ingles, que no han pasado uno o ambas partes del examen de salida de la escuela secundaria, para el final del 12 grado, recibiran la oportunidad de una instuccion intensiva y servicios durantes dos anos consecutivos academicos despues de finalizar el 12 grado.


    5.   Se puede obtener un formulario para presentar una queja en la oficina de la escuela, la oficina del distrito, o por medio del sitio Web que se indica a continuación: www.maricopaschools.org. También se puede imprimir una copia del formulario del Departamento de Educación del Estado de California del sitio de la Web que se indica a continuación: http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/cp/uc/.

    Preguntas: Departamento de manejo de quejas de los programas categóricos           (916) 319-0929




    ( Click here for Complaint Form )

      The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that a notice is posted in each classroom in each school containing the components specified in Education Code 35186.  (Education Code 35186)