Maricopa Unified believes in supporting our students as they consider future careers after graduating from high school. MUSD has been implementing a 3-year, $200,000 CDE grant to conduct long-rang planning, purchase state-of-the-art/industry-based equipment, provide teacher training, and develop college/industry partnerships. All Maricopa High School students are involved in one of seven different Career/Business Pathways during the extended 75-minute, 7th period class daily (1:35-2:50pm). Students may select the same pathway for multiple years or select different pathways each year to explore different interests. All pathway curriculum inlcude modules for career opportunities and small business operations. All pathways have developed 4-year curriculum plans to advance knowledge and skills each year a student is involed in that selected pathway.
    "CITYwalk":Culuinary Arts/Restaurant
    "GLOBALcity Entertainment": Perforamance Art/Theater
    "GLOBALcity Entertainment": Music/Jazz