• Maricopa Unified Safety Plan

    Per California Education Code, the District's Board Approved safety plan includes the following areas; Fire, Explosions, School Crime & Child Abuse Reporting, Dress Code, Safe Ingress & Egress, Campus Evacuation, Earthquake, Intruder Threat, Disturbances & Riots, Lockdown, Bomb Threat, Notice of Dangerous Pupils, Grounds for Suspension & Expulsion, Non-Discrimination, Harassment, Anti-Bullying.

    The format is in a flip chart and is displayed in all classrooms and campus areas. The plan is reviewed and updated each year by the first responders, staff, school site council and Board of Education. The district conducts monthly Fire Drills, Earthquake Drills, and Intruder Drills.  Staff members are training annually. The district is implementing a Positive Behavior Intervention Program (PBIS) to support our anti-bullying program.
    Maricopa Unified School District is proud to safety transport students to and from home/school and to many off-campus events each year.